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Google Noto fonts

Accessibility is a pretty big deal on the Internet, Google and Monotype set out to solve a font-related problem more

How width and max-width work

For most Front-end developers on the web implementing layout designs; setting widths is a frequent part of the task more

The sass, the style & the ampersand

I have been using Sass for quite some time and it has changed the way I work significantly more

Using IcoMoon font with Sass

On this tutorial i will be using an IcoMoon generated icon font into my Sass setup to include and use in a project. more

Using IcoMoon to generate an iconfont

Most web projects — apps or websites — nowadays employ responsive web design (RWD) in their workflow. A part of this workflow might require the use of icon fonts. One tool that's useful in creating and managing icon fonts is IcoMoon. more